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Mojo Books at Usborne ~ Featured Business Of The Week

Mojo Books at Usborne


Welcome to the wonderful world of Mojo Books At Usborne our fabulous featured business of the week.

After the necessities are met, One of the best gifts you can ever give a child is  the gift of reading!.  If you can help your child learn to read, they will literally be able to learn to do just about anything!. And Jan Olive (our work from home mum of the week) is able to help you make the perfect choice of children's books to ensure this happens.

Jan is a wife, mum to a teenage boy, and now a Work From Home Mum and very busy team leader with Usborne. Up until a few years ago she had a corporate 9 to 5 job, doing the same thing day after day. Driving to work on auto-pilot and watching her life tick by. This is when she made the decision she wanted a business for herself!.

Going back into employment after 8 years of being self-employed didn't really suit me - if felt too rigid. I didn't think I could do Monday - Friday, 9-5 anymore!. I was looking for a business opportunity that wouldn't involve getting into debt to start up.

Usborne books was just this opportunity for Jan as after starting her business in June 2009 she was promoted to Team Leader in August of the same year.

Usborne books (founded in 1973)  is a major, independent, award-winning UK publishing company. They publish almost every type of children's books for ages  baby to teenager (0-16years). Fiction, non-fiction, early reading and puzzle books are all available at Mojo Books At Usborne.

As there are so many wonderful books in the usborne at home range I just had to ask Jan what is her favourite?.

I love the Picture Encyclopedia for young children, It's beautifully illustrated and provides pre-school children a gentle introduction to the world around them including parts of the body, animals, food, space etc. Great for encouraging questions and conversations.

First Picture Encyclopedia

For Girls
For Boys
With so many popular books available online at Mojo Books at Usborne, to choose the one book that is the most popular with Jan's customers is impossible. However, Some of the most popular within the usborne range include What's Happening To Me growing up advice for boys (the blue book) and girls (the pink book) are a god send for parents who's children fall into this age group.

Wipe Clean
That's Not My ... range is very well know and popular with Jan's customers as well as Farmyard Tales. Of her newer titles in stock the Wipe Clean Ready for Writing book that comes with a dry wipe pen for practicing handwriting is proving to be very popular already.
Farmyard Tales

 The Whole range of usborne books can be purchased via the Mojo Books at Usborne website or customers can email Jan directly with a list of what they need and she can arrange delivery for them.  Payment is made via credit and debit cards, cash or cheque.

Usborne book party
Host Your Own Party

The most enjoyable way of buying your usborne books from Jan is at a home party as you get the chance to see the books before you buy them and Jan is on hand to give advise or make suggestions. AND if you host an Usborne at Home party you will receive free books as a thank you. Jan has lots of special offers which are only available at parties so to book your party CLICK HERE NOW.

Another way you can see this fantastic range up close is at the Wellington Market in Somerset on the first and third Saturday of each month. Jan also attends craft fairs and agricultural shows throughout the year. To find out where you can see Jan next refer back to the website for details (as she posts details of where she will be on the website).

Special offers are always continuous with Mojo Books at Usborne and to find out what they are all you have to do is check the website.You can also follow Mojo Books at Usborne on facebook to keep up to date with all the new releases.

Haunted House Sticker Book

Baby's Very First Noisy Book  Christmas
Advent Calendar to Colour
You will never tirer  of Usborne books as lots of new titles are released each month. Some of the wonderful books coming out this autumn include Haunted House sticker book (great for Halloween) Advent Calendar to Colour and Baby's Very First Noisy Book Christmas. Other new titles include That's Not my ....elephant
and Fancy Dress Sticker Dolly Dressing.

Fancy Dress  Sticker Dolly Dressing

Like most Work From Home Mums Jan fits her work in around everything else including collage where she just completed an Art and Design Access Course. Time spent on her business is on average 30 hours a week  during the autumn season and about 20 hours per week the rest of the year.

Life with Mojo Books at Usborne can be very busy especially as Jan can often be double or triple booked during busier times.  When this happens Jan is delighted to share events with other Usbourne Organisers in her nearly 40 strong team from around the country.

We asked Jan  What do you like most about your business?

I love the flexibility of choosing when and where I work. I love the incentives that Usborne dangle in front of us. Last year I won a day at Ascot races and earlier this year I went to Iceland for 5 days with the other top sales people. I also love seeing my team do well and reach their goals, that's really rewarding.

What makes being a Work From Home Mum All Worth It?.
My son is 17 so I don't have the childcare issues that affect women with younger children but it is still a great asset having a flexible job that I can adjust to fit around family life. I'm still needed for taxi service and enjoy time with my son while he's still living at home.

The next stage for this very busy work from home mum is to help two of her team members gain promotion to Team Leaders themselves. After this Jan will then move up to Group Leader and this is her target for 2012.