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Mojo Books at Usborne ~ Featured Business Of The Week

Mojo Books at Usborne


Welcome to the wonderful world of Mojo Books At Usborne our fabulous featured business of the week.

After the necessities are met, One of the best gifts you can ever give a child is  the gift of reading!.  If you can help your child learn to read, they will literally be able to learn to do just about anything!. And Jan Olive (our work from home mum of the week) is able to help you make the perfect choice of children's books to ensure this happens.

Jan is a wife, mum to a teenage boy, and now a Work From Home Mum and very busy team leader with Usborne. Up until a few years ago she had a corporate 9 to 5 job, doing the same thing day after day. Driving to work on auto-pilot and watching her life tick by. This is when she made the decision she wanted a business for herself!.

Going back into employment after 8 years of being self-employed didn't really suit me - if felt too rigid. I didn't think I could do Monday - Friday, 9-5 anymore!. I was looking for a business opportunity that wouldn't involve getting into debt to start up.

Usborne books was just this opportunity for Jan as after starting her business in June 2009 she was promoted to Team Leader in August of the same year.

Usborne books (founded in 1973)  is a major, independent, award-winning UK publishing company. They publish almost every type of children's books for ages  baby to teenager (0-16years). Fiction, non-fiction, early reading and puzzle books are all available at Mojo Books At Usborne.

As there are so many wonderful books in the usborne at home range I just had to ask Jan what is her favourite?.

I love the Picture Encyclopedia for young children, It's beautifully illustrated and provides pre-school children a gentle introduction to the world around them including parts of the body, animals, food, space etc. Great for encouraging questions and conversations.

First Picture Encyclopedia

For Girls
For Boys
With so many popular books available online at Mojo Books at Usborne, to choose the one book that is the most popular with Jan's customers is impossible. However, Some of the most popular within the usborne range include What's Happening To Me growing up advice for boys (the blue book) and girls (the pink book) are a god send for parents who's children fall into this age group.

Wipe Clean
That's Not My ... range is very well know and popular with Jan's customers as well as Farmyard Tales. Of her newer titles in stock the Wipe Clean Ready for Writing book that comes with a dry wipe pen for practicing handwriting is proving to be very popular already.
Farmyard Tales

 The Whole range of usborne books can be purchased via the Mojo Books at Usborne website or customers can email Jan directly with a list of what they need and she can arrange delivery for them.  Payment is made via credit and debit cards, cash or cheque.

Usborne book party
Host Your Own Party

The most enjoyable way of buying your usborne books from Jan is at a home party as you get the chance to see the books before you buy them and Jan is on hand to give advise or make suggestions. AND if you host an Usborne at Home party you will receive free books as a thank you. Jan has lots of special offers which are only available at parties so to book your party CLICK HERE NOW.

Another way you can see this fantastic range up close is at the Wellington Market in Somerset on the first and third Saturday of each month. Jan also attends craft fairs and agricultural shows throughout the year. To find out where you can see Jan next refer back to the website for details (as she posts details of where she will be on the website).

Special offers are always continuous with Mojo Books at Usborne and to find out what they are all you have to do is check the website.You can also follow Mojo Books at Usborne on facebook to keep up to date with all the new releases.

Haunted House Sticker Book

Baby's Very First Noisy Book  Christmas
Advent Calendar to Colour
You will never tirer  of Usborne books as lots of new titles are released each month. Some of the wonderful books coming out this autumn include Haunted House sticker book (great for Halloween) Advent Calendar to Colour and Baby's Very First Noisy Book Christmas. Other new titles include That's Not my ....elephant
and Fancy Dress Sticker Dolly Dressing.

Fancy Dress  Sticker Dolly Dressing

Like most Work From Home Mums Jan fits her work in around everything else including collage where she just completed an Art and Design Access Course. Time spent on her business is on average 30 hours a week  during the autumn season and about 20 hours per week the rest of the year.

Life with Mojo Books at Usborne can be very busy especially as Jan can often be double or triple booked during busier times.  When this happens Jan is delighted to share events with other Usbourne Organisers in her nearly 40 strong team from around the country.

We asked Jan  What do you like most about your business?

I love the flexibility of choosing when and where I work. I love the incentives that Usborne dangle in front of us. Last year I won a day at Ascot races and earlier this year I went to Iceland for 5 days with the other top sales people. I also love seeing my team do well and reach their goals, that's really rewarding.

What makes being a Work From Home Mum All Worth It?.
My son is 17 so I don't have the childcare issues that affect women with younger children but it is still a great asset having a flexible job that I can adjust to fit around family life. I'm still needed for taxi service and enjoy time with my son while he's still living at home.

The next stage for this very busy work from home mum is to help two of her team members gain promotion to Team Leaders themselves. After this Jan will then move up to Group Leader and this is her target for 2012.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Forever ~ Featured Business of the Week

Forever Living ~ The Aloe Vera Company

Forever Living Products (UK) Limited

~ The Aloe Vera Company ~

Jenny Lupton is an independent distributor for Forever Living Products Ireland Limited. And is our very first Featured Business of the week.

Founded in 1978, and operating in over 145 countries, Forever and its affiliates have become the largest grower, manufacturer and distributor of aloe vera and bee products in the world. Avoiding the use of herbicides and pesticides, their patented stabilisation process ensures their aloe vera is essentially identical to the inner leaf gel. And because they are not dependent on any other supplier, they can guarantee the quality of their aloe.

After the global recession hit Jenny Lupton ( wife and mum of 3) was made redundant in February 2010 and found herself out of work for the first time in over 15 years. 

It was a novelty to be home with my children at first, but before long I realized I needed to do something for me and start to generate an income again”

After almost 6months into the redundancy and missing having money of her own, her new business journey started with the arrival of her Dad to her house with a brochure for the Forever living company. He had answered an ad in a local paper with Jenny in mind as a possible option for her to work from home.

Although a tad skeptical, Jenny went along to an Open Evening ran by the Forever Company to see what the company offered and in her words

 I got excited and saw an opportunity to make the salary I was making when I worked full time, but on a part-time basis, from home, working for myself and most importantly having quality time with my family”

She was sold on the idea and become an independent distributor for Forever with her business launching in July 2010. Jenny is now in the natural health, well being and beauty industry after having spent years working with 02 (phone company) and a commercial estate agency. She just loves this new chapter of her working life.


Time spent on her business can vary from week to week but on average she spends 3 hours a day usually in the mornings and evenings so as to keep her afternoons free for her children aged 19years, 7.5years and 3years.

Jenny loves the freedom of being her own boss and knowing that she is helping people improve their health and wellbeing. Another huge bonus for her is the opportunity she has to introduce others to the possibility of earning extra income by becoming forever distributors themselves.

Jenny describes it as a business that you can fit in around whatever time you have available. She loves that she is not tied to any schedule but adds 

“The more effort you put in to growing your business the more you can earn”.

For many centuries aloe vera has been used for its healing properties and health benefits by numerous civilizations around the world. No one quite knows why Aloe is as powerful as it is in addressing a number of conditions, but it may be the balance of nutrients as much as the nutrients themselves. Aloe works with our immune system replenishing the nutrients as required.

 All Forever products are 100% natural and include such products as Aloe Vera Drinks, Vitamins & minerals, Skincare, Personal Care, Animal Care and Weight Management.

Aloe Vera Drinks
The most popular product purchased from Jenny’s website are the Aloe Vera Drinks.   There are four different drinks in this range.

Aloe Vera Gel ~ Maintains a healthy digestive system and maintains energy levels. It also balances the immune system (so great for winter)

Aloe Berry Nectar ~ with a sweet taste of apple and cranberry it helps to maintain a healthy   digestive and urinary system. It also helps to protect the skin (the largest organ in your body) and aids the cleansing and detoxification of the skin.

Aloe Bits N Peaches ~ has all the benefits of Aloe Vera Gel with a refreshing fruity taste that is ideal for children. 

Forever Freedom ~ maintains healthy joint function and flexibility and is ideal for sports people and mature who wish to maintain healthy joint mobility.

All of the drinks have phenomenal health benefits for a wide range of conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohns Disease, Arthritis, Asthma, Eczema and Alopecia to name just a few. Contact Jenny if you need help in choosing the drink that is right for you.

It's worth stressing that The Aloe Vera Drinks range are also for all round health and wellbeing and they are great to use while detoxing. Jenny is adamant she wouldn't be without the Aloe Gel Drinks for her family.

Jenny loves the personal care products such as the toothpaste, liquid soap, shampoo/conditioner and deodorant and the Luxury skincare range is to die for.

A fabulous selling point for forever products is they are very concentrated and multi-purpose so they give amazing value for money which is so very important in this day and age when we want the most we can out of a product.


All products carry a 60 day money back guarantee = I bet you won't find that on the high street!.

Current Offer ~ 10% discount on the Clean 9 Detox Pack
Clean 9 Detox Pack
Puts you on track to a cleaner, healthier you, whilst cleansing your body of unnatural chemicals.

We asked Jenny What makes being a work from home mum all worth it ?

I never dreamt of working for myself or working from home, I thought being on the 40year plan was what you did! I have to admit to being thankful for being made redundant, even though it was tough at the time, but I don’t think I would have found this business or would have seen the opportunity it gives people had I not been. Having my own Forever Business gives me the opportunity to work for myself, suit my own hours, spend lots of quality time with my family, make a great income, meet so many great people and know that I am building a secure future for me and my family with endless earning potential. I will never go back to working for a boss again”

What would you like to see happen with your business in the future?

The number one product in Forever Living is the Business Opportunity! Its an amazing business in that it gives people the opporunity to have their own home-based business without any overheads or without having to have any knowledge of owning your own business. Its a very simple business with a brilliant marketing plan. A great way to have a income for yourself while suiting your own hours and having the opportunity to have your own business".

You can purchase these amazing products via the secure online Forever store or email Jenny directly (She is also on Facebook ) With over 200 products in this 100% natural and 100% benefical range there is something for everyone.

"What I'd like to see happen with my business in the future is have helped as many people as possible have their own Forever business” 
 Jenny Lupton- Independent distributor and Work From Home Mum!

Not tested on animals, the Forever collection is a testament to nature’s capacity to help us look and feel our best. And never has this been more important then it is in today’s busy society. 
Forever Living Products (UK) Limited

Certified by International Aloe Science CouncilCertified by International Aloe Science Council
Kosher RatingKosher Rating
Islamic Seal of ApprovalIslamic Seal of Approval
Not Tested on AnimalsNot Tested on Animals

Friday, 19 August 2011

How to save time and gain exposure for your small business

Welcome to the Work From Home Mums Blog where our main aim is to help, promote, support and encourage as many work from home mums in small business that we can.
You receive more then just a product when you buy off a Work From Home Mum

About Us

Our Facebook page currently has over 1500 mums who work from home with our fan base growing daily. The page is full of talented women from all over the world that make, create and supply every type of product that you can think of. 

The service you will receive when you purchase from a work from home mum is second to none. You receive more then just a product because to a work from home mum you are more then just another customer, And this is why so many work from home mums are so successful and their customers keep coming back.

Why the Blog = To promote our mums and save them time to do what they do best!!!

All Mums no matter what they do work bloody hard !!!  and we all know being a mum is a 24 hour 7 day a week, 365 day a year job.

The majority of mums who work from home do not get paid
holidays. A quiet lunch break may not always happen and that hot cup of coffee may become an ice coffee by the time you get to finish it .

Now add into this already busy equation a mum who has started her own business. She may  have to wait until the children are in bed, at school, or perhaps tied to a chair before she can begin work. (I am sure some of you are nodding your head to this scenario)

Fast forward til perhaps 1am  when she has her stock levels up and ready for market, finished orders, emailed suppliers and of course packaged up parcels to send in tomorrows post.  


now it may be time to promote the business or perhaps she has been doing this while working.

Are you still nodding ?

Did I mention women are fabulous and brilliant at multi-tasking!!!.

With all this going on as well as juggling a hectic family life some mums might find it difficult to promote their business in such a way as to enable it to grow like a bigger business. Especially when a bigger business can market and promote themselves and their product 24/7 with the aid of expensive advertisement.

With this in mind a seed was planted!!!, I thought what if  our Work From Home Mums
 page started a blog and featured a business of the week each week??.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       What if we provided a service that would enable our work from home mums to promote their business in a way that showcased something more then the product they make or sell and left them more time to do what they do best??.  


Not knowing if this would be something our mums would be interested in, The question was asked on the Work From Home Mums Facebook page and the response has been FABULOUS and is why you are now reading this first post.

What does being a featured business of the week involve?.

     1.  Our featured business of the week receives a written blog post that showcases both  
           their business and them as a business women.

     2. An album showcasing up to 15 products goes live on our Work From Home Mums    
          facebook page for the week and one product a day will be promoted from this album   
           along with daily shout outs for your business.      

          At the end of the featured week this album will be deleted to make way for our next   
          featured business.       


          3. Our featured business of the week will remain in our featured album    
              and  promotion and exposure of your business continues past the 7 day feature.

    If this is something you may be interested in taking part in you can email me at if you have any further questions.

    What is the cost of being a featured business.
     The introductory fee for this service is €20 for our first four featured businesss. 
    The fee there after, will be €25 for a full weeks feature.

    How can I be the featured business of the week?

    You can  purchase your desired week for your business via our secure Facebook shop on our Work From Home Mums Facebook page. Payment is via Paypal and once payment is made you position will be booked and you will be emailed a questionairre so as to enable me to get to know both you and your business.

     I want to not only promote your business and the products you sell,  I want to showcase the person behind the business. I want to know why you started, how you started and what you loves best about being a work from home mum.

    I think it is very hard to get across on a Facebook status exactly what your business is about and this is where the use of being our featured business of the week can help.

    Our little seed is now a young tree and I would love to see it though many winters and watch its branches reach out to as many work from home mums business as it can to help promote, support, and encourage.

    Support and buy off a Work From Home Mum when you can, you will not be sorry!!!