Friday, 19 August 2011

How to save time and gain exposure for your small business

Welcome to the Work From Home Mums Blog where our main aim is to help, promote, support and encourage as many work from home mums in small business that we can.
You receive more then just a product when you buy off a Work From Home Mum

About Us

Our Facebook page currently has over 1500 mums who work from home with our fan base growing daily. The page is full of talented women from all over the world that make, create and supply every type of product that you can think of. 

The service you will receive when you purchase from a work from home mum is second to none. You receive more then just a product because to a work from home mum you are more then just another customer, And this is why so many work from home mums are so successful and their customers keep coming back.

Why the Blog = To promote our mums and save them time to do what they do best!!!

All Mums no matter what they do work bloody hard !!!  and we all know being a mum is a 24 hour 7 day a week, 365 day a year job.

The majority of mums who work from home do not get paid
holidays. A quiet lunch break may not always happen and that hot cup of coffee may become an ice coffee by the time you get to finish it .

Now add into this already busy equation a mum who has started her own business. She may  have to wait until the children are in bed, at school, or perhaps tied to a chair before she can begin work. (I am sure some of you are nodding your head to this scenario)

Fast forward til perhaps 1am  when she has her stock levels up and ready for market, finished orders, emailed suppliers and of course packaged up parcels to send in tomorrows post.  


now it may be time to promote the business or perhaps she has been doing this while working.

Are you still nodding ?

Did I mention women are fabulous and brilliant at multi-tasking!!!.

With all this going on as well as juggling a hectic family life some mums might find it difficult to promote their business in such a way as to enable it to grow like a bigger business. Especially when a bigger business can market and promote themselves and their product 24/7 with the aid of expensive advertisement.

With this in mind a seed was planted!!!, I thought what if  our Work From Home Mums
 page started a blog and featured a business of the week each week??.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       What if we provided a service that would enable our work from home mums to promote their business in a way that showcased something more then the product they make or sell and left them more time to do what they do best??.  


Not knowing if this would be something our mums would be interested in, The question was asked on the Work From Home Mums Facebook page and the response has been FABULOUS and is why you are now reading this first post.

What does being a featured business of the week involve?.

     1.  Our featured business of the week receives a written blog post that showcases both  
           their business and them as a business women.

     2. An album showcasing up to 15 products goes live on our Work From Home Mums    
          facebook page for the week and one product a day will be promoted from this album   
           along with daily shout outs for your business.      

          At the end of the featured week this album will be deleted to make way for our next   
          featured business.       


          3. Our featured business of the week will remain in our featured album    
              and  promotion and exposure of your business continues past the 7 day feature.

    If this is something you may be interested in taking part in you can email me at if you have any further questions.

    What is the cost of being a featured business.
     The introductory fee for this service is €20 for our first four featured businesss. 
    The fee there after, will be €25 for a full weeks feature.

    How can I be the featured business of the week?

    You can  purchase your desired week for your business via our secure Facebook shop on our Work From Home Mums Facebook page. Payment is via Paypal and once payment is made you position will be booked and you will be emailed a questionairre so as to enable me to get to know both you and your business.

     I want to not only promote your business and the products you sell,  I want to showcase the person behind the business. I want to know why you started, how you started and what you loves best about being a work from home mum.

    I think it is very hard to get across on a Facebook status exactly what your business is about and this is where the use of being our featured business of the week can help.

    Our little seed is now a young tree and I would love to see it though many winters and watch its branches reach out to as many work from home mums business as it can to help promote, support, and encourage.

    Support and buy off a Work From Home Mum when you can, you will not be sorry!!!

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